The Rainbow Bridge

This is an excerpt...



Why should I write a book? Why should I have the audacity to put so many words on paper and think that they may be worth the reading? Why should you spend time listening in to those words; these thoughts and experiences sent out into the unknown?

Well, in part it is because I have sought and found some gold within the mine of experience, not the Philosopher’s stone perhaps but some glints of gold nevertheless. The search has been and has not been of my choosing. It might be more truthful to say that I have been found by certain events and experiences that have chased me down the decades demanding answers to questions that snapped at the heels of my life and mind and would brook no dismissal.

In the end, I suppose, this is a book that has felt like it has demanded to be written, giving me no peace until I have at last begun.

This work is an incarnated hope on paper that what I have discovered, will move out of the harbour of my mind and into the wide ocean of the seas of the public realm. It will be, I hope, a book that I would wish to read as well as an account that is faithful and honest and true.

But ‘But what is truth?’ says a voice in my inner ear and that of many an enquirer after this most precious commodity if commodity it is. It is a question not only framed by Pilate’s evasion but sharpens the wits of philosopher, scientists and the best of journalists and writers, ‘What is the case? What are the facts? What is the essential cause? These are the conundrums, mysteries and imperatives of our everyday lived experience.

They matter.

Don Cupit, famous and some would say infamous, philosopher and theologian, asserts, categorically, there is nothing ‘outside’ of the human realm and the physical universe that we inhabit,

‘Life is the whole human world, everything as it looks to and is experienced by the only beings who actually have a world, namely human beings with a life to live. Life is all there is. Our age is now post-metaphysical. The world of life is not dependent upon, nor derived from, any other realm, nor is there any other world after it, or beyond it.’

Experience may not only be the ultimate final arbiter of Don Cupit’s assertion regarding the nature of the world but also certain phenomena may existentially raise questions regarding the supreme, closed confidence of such a claim, even from so eminent a man.

It is possible to believe that pain is an illusion until a large stone is dropped on our foot. It is likely at that moment, that we may change our mind.