Curriculum Vitae

Main Appointments

2016-217 Bursary awarded by Gladstone’s library to facilitate the writing of the book ‘ The Rainbow Bridge”.
2016- Accepted as member of the Society of Authors.2008-2017 Inauguration concert and work for the Gettalife Project.
1996-2017 Spiritual Direction in Manchester and Chester
2012-2015 Strategic 3 year work to see if a small rural church might have a future. (part-time and sessional work)
2009. Publication of contribution paper to a Book of papers on from Bangor University conference in 2004. (Paternoster)
2003-2005 Special, short-term project linking art/professional craftspeople with educational and spiritual aims at church school in Fulshaw Wilmslow.
2004-2006 Advisory for the Healing Ministry for the Chester diocese.
2002 -2003 Freelance arts projects.
1998-2001 Priest in charge and instigator and pioneer, with a committed partnership - Housing association. Arawak Walton bid of a of £2 Million Church and Arts Led Regeneration Project, St John the Evangelist Cheetham.
1993-2000 Phd doctoral work at Manchester University.
1988-1994 Research Associate at Manchester University
1992-1993 Part-time lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University.


Associate: Manchester University, 1988-1993

• All Saints Education Trust funded project: Christianity a Multi-Race Faith. Video-based teaching pack ‘The Challenge and the Dream. Produced 1988/9.
• URSG part-time appointment research associate working on the Training of Teachers for a culturally plural society.
• Part-time researcher, helping with collation of Race Relations in Secondary schools. (Leverhulme)
• Research Associate ‘All Asian Primary School’ project. The focus looked at 4 state schools and 4 church schools whose intake included over 60 percent of its pupils from the Asian community. The research included interviews with staff, pupils and members of the Asian community involved with the schools.

Research, script-writing and presentation of programmes for RADIO 4 features. These included programmes for:-
• Woman’s Hour,
• Religious Programmes +,
Three 45 minute longer feature length, stand-alone programmes for radio 4 that were chosen as special documentary features, one a‘Fly on the wall’ 45 documentary on the probation service. A 2nd a night out with the Police!
• Three other connected programmes were broadcast on for “Pick of the Week.”

Research and Publications

• Completion of the doctoral thesis on ‘Altered States of Consciousness: Spiritual Experience in Dream and Vision. (December 2000)
• A commissioned feature for ‘THE TABLET’ drawn from a London conference of a series called ‘Mystics and Scientists’ looking at the Power of Therapeutic Touch.
• News article for the INDEPENDENT newspaper on a Similar conference in the late eighties, on Near Death Spiritual Experiences.
• An article for the professional Police magazine, drawn from some pioneering work of the creative use of Women Police Officers to help defuse confrontation.
• ‘Confessions of a Reluctant Mystic.’ 1986. Marshall Pickering/ Harper Collins.
• 2009. A chapter in a work looking at the Welsh Revival of 1904 and issues arising out of Revival/Renewal phenonema. published 2009.Paternoster press.

Freelance Arts projects:2002 -2013
• January. 2002- March 2002. Research for BRIDGEWATER HALL/HALLE/GMMZ/AAM. GOSPEL/MESSIAH Project Preliminary research regarding process for potential of the Gospel tradition being incorporated into the work of the Bridgewater Hall.
• Collaborative work for an ‘Arts for All’ award for a re-opening concert at St John’s Cheetham hill. This built on the preliminary work done in 2002 for the second Awards for All grant. The concert, BRASS, BLUES AND GOSPEL, was a celebration of the successful completion of the St John Project first phase building and restoration.
• Associate Producer/ co-ordination role with Crew 2002 Commonwealth Games at the MEN ARENA of an initiative, convening and enabling a mixed race choir for opening ceremony.
• 2008. Inaugural mixed liturgy and performance event for the new Gettalife Charity.
• 2012. “Spring in Winter’ Concert at the RNCM. Celebration of 5 years work for the Gettalife project, linking up and coming new talent with professional musicians.