Signs of Transcendence: A challenge to our secular times



When there are repeated, consistently similar in pattern, human experiences that suggest otherwise, to be so completely dismissive of the possibilities to which they point may put even such a brilliant academic, within the framework of those so identified with a system of thought that they cannot see hear or see what is outside their world -view.

“He who has ears to hear….”

But how to ‘hear’ what the mystery of human experience may set before us: and to hear it ‘rightly’? How can we listen and respond appropriately to material, which is and always has been a ‘minority report’ but may be no less truthful or authentic because it is not usual or commonplace.

This book will endeavour to keep faith with the people who have shared with me experiences of vision or unusual prophetic dreaming and moments of connection beyond time and space that are suggestive of a possible transcendent reality, which although not common and not in fact out of the boundaries of sense and sanity can be because of their singular content, regarded as dangerous; not to be trusted. It is indeed the case, that the phenomena so reported can be troubling and i not easy to assess.

And yet and yet, as Thomas Kuhn has said in his work on the nature of scientific revolution, it is the 6% or even the 1% of experience, that the majority of the scholarly or the scientific researchers ignore as just anomalous phenomena without sense or purpose, which may hold within themselves the potential power of a paradigm shift: a minority report that ultimately may change our understanding of the world and of the human condition Some of this visionary material at its most potent is suggestive of a power that can liberate, enable and transform even our most anguished moments, at times bringing strength and consolation even to those who sit within the shadow of death.

And of that shadow we will all get acquainted with, one way or another before too long.

Books are more than paper and board and titles and an object in space. To some they can be like a beacon flare, lighting up the night and crossing the borders of skin and bone and the loneliness that is at the essential core of life.

Books when opened and read can greet another human being and say,’ I would like to share with you what I have learnt of living.’

Sometimes the discovery of a particular book can be like coming across a well of clear water in an interminable desert.

What a relief!

At other times, with an occasional work that at first glance looked like any other, we are unexpectedly stopped in our tracks at a page, a paragraph, the turn of a phrase or for a moment when the story turns on a most particular ending we have a sense we are being given a glimpse of the Holy Grail and a light shines out of the darkness and will not be dimmed.


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